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- Woods cover the 34 000 hectares territory 

- Due to archaelogical investigations the man has been living here since the Late Bronze and the Early Iron Ages. 
- In 1666 the name Dilijan has been first mentioned in French traveler Jean Chardon’s travel notes. 
- “Dilijan” newspaper is published once a fortnight , information is provided by the local broadcasting station “R-TV” as well. 
- Since 2006 “Dili” farm-production complex considered to be the single enterprise in the Republic is involved in pedigree cattle breeding 

- The production of “Dilijan” mineral water finds a broad market both in the republic and abroad 

- Since November 2006 the Tourism Informational Centre is operating










Our guests’ leisure can be spent 


Visiting  the ancient  and  memorable   churches - Goshavank / it was  founded in 1188  by  Mkhitar Gosh, a notable  Armenian  scholar  and  author of  celebre fables / , Hagartsin / 10 -13 c. /   , 

Jukhtak  Vank      / 11-12 c. /, Matosavank /ruined  church  complex built in 1247 /.These  last  two  churches  are  both  located  in  a  forested  area , so  the  surrounding, the  scenary  and  the  atmosphere  is  worth  a  visit.

Lake Parz  

Walking  in  the Dilijan  National  park / the  woodland  covers  94 % of  the  park  territory   & it  has  about 40  types  of  trees  18 ones  of  bushes /.

Visiting  Lake  Parz / Clear  Lake /  , which  is  situated  in  the  northern  part  of  the  town  at  a  height  of  1 500 meters &  is  too  magnificent  for  hikes, camping  or  picnics.


Visiting  museums  in  Diligan  - Geological museum, Dilijan  branch  of  Yerevan  Folk  Art Museum  and  “Dilijan” Historical  and  Cultural  Reserve  Museum.
 The Geological museum  has  a  rich  collection  of  great  historic – archaeological  value  and  works  of  prominent  representatives  of  world  fine  arts  as  well. Now  the  works  on  new  building  construction  for  a  museum  are  going  on.
The  applied  arts  “ valuable  patterns   and  Dilijan  folk  masters”  works  are  represented  in  Folk  Art Museum.


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